Troubleshoot Windows 10 Stuck on “Repairing Disk Errors”

This will only work if Windows is working properly, however. If it isn’t (and you still can’t boot), you may need to consider more drastic fixes afterwards. Once Windows boots up in Safe Mode, right-click the Start menu and select Windows PowerShell . In the Choose an option menu, select the Troubleshoot option.

Click “Uninstall a program” under the “Programs” headline. If there are corrupted system files in Windows, then SRC can fix most of them. Those custom views are recorded under the Custom Views folder located at the top left pane.

✅ Remove devices safely – Before removing a hard drive (if it’s externally attached), be sure to safely eject it from the device it’s connected to before removal. This ensures all necessary write processes have been halted. This will fix any errors on the disk and search for bad sectors, consequently marking them as unavailable for storage.

Defragment Hard Disk

So let’s look at how you can get started with the Windows Troubleshooter. You have to disable this through Registry Editor. Click start, type regedit and open Registry Editor. These updates are still pretty stable, though, so may be worth a shot if a recent update has broken something on Windows 10 for you.

  • Also, your PC’s BIOS must be configured to boot from a USB flash drive.
  • Then this might be the case of loose connection.
  • It is possible that there is a problem with the system and it detects errors on a disk when the errors do not actually exist.
  • We have provided the steps for getting into the Safe Mode without logging in to your Windows.

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If you have created a recovery drive by following the first method, you can proceed to this method. If you have not created a recovery Detail drive, create it and proceed to this step. These simple steps may help you to proceed to Advanced startup. This freeware allows you not only to create an image but also clone disk for a backup. In addition, you can also do a partition surface test by checking each sector on all partitions.

Fixing drive letter

And btw when I try to do a feature update to win , it fails almost everytime. You do not care if you have to often wait unnecessarily for your computer to load and have decreased performance in many common operations. Your provide a great way that how to recover the data so your post is really helpful for me and every person so thanks for sharing the post. Then, in “Install Windows” screen, select “Repair your computer”. To begin with, reboot your computer from a bootable USB drive or DVD. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch Run.

Once done, restart your PC if it does not automatically. You will now have repaired Windows 11 by restoring it to a previously known working state. You should repair Windows 11 if you see a decreased performance, or experience intermittent crashes on your system. Here is a list of all the reasons and scenarios where it is recommended to repair your Windows 11 installation. If you’re dealing with a glitchy peripheral, you may need to replace its drivers. Here’s how to update device drivers in Windows 10 and Windows 11.